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Get to Know Our Freight Forwarding Company

We propel companies that drive global progress.

In this day and age, we’re more connected to the rest of the world than ever, and Jacanna is taking it a step further as Australia’s go-to freight forwarding company.

From New Zealand to Australia and the rest of the world, discover our story as an international freight company and find out where we’re heading next.

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We can Load it, Ship it, Track it, Clear it and Deliver

Established in 2000 across the pond in New Zealand, Ken Quigley started Jacanna with the goal of empowering individuals and businesses with a people-led approach to international freight forwarding. Ken’s Kiwi can-do attitude and creative approach to logistical operations saw Jacanna quickly gain a foothold in the industry.

Jacanna offers a professional service with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in logistics and freight forwarding across all commodities. With options to move cargo by SEA, AIR, or LAND and a worldwide network of agents, Jacanna can load it, ship it, track it, clear it, and deliver it by any means from anywhere in the world.

The latest chapter in the Jacanna story is our expansion into Australia. While we’ve only recently touched down in Aussie, we’re actually pretty familiar faces. Jacanna has been importing and exporting throughout Australia for a number of years alongside our expert agents spanning all seaports and airports. So naturally, the next step was setting up an office in Brisbane to get closer to the action and strengthen our connection with the Australian market.

Jacanna’s journey as an international freight forwarding company reflects a commitment to excellence and a dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its clientele

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Our People

Our people are the heart and soul of our organisation, and our foundation is built upon a strong family-based culture

Loyalty is at the core of our values, and we deeply care for one another. Authenticity and humility define our interactions; we believe in being real and approachable, no matter the circumstances.

In our organisation, it’s not just about business; it’s about building lasting relationships and fostering a sense of unity and care that extends far beyond the workplace.

Our Approach

Capability, Flexibility, Approachability

Jacanna’s approach can be defined in three ways: Capability, Flexibility, and Approachability. 

Through an eye for detail and creative problem-solving, we offer our customers an end-to-end freight forwarding service that crosses every t and dots every i. 

Our flexibility accommodates diverse needs, ensuring tailored  

solutions for each challenge. We are solution-based, working with you to find a way. No destination is too distant, and no challenge is too complex. 

While cargo is our bread and butter, people are our speciality. With a focus on approachability, we treat every interaction with care and individual attention. 

Together, these three pillars form our approach to freight forwarding and shape how we operate as a whole. 

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Ken Quigley


Mobile: 021 838 494

Blair Cosford

Chief Executive Officer

Mobile: 021 838 567

Our Brand Promise

To deliver a seamless logistics experience that is professional, efficient, and easy to navigate. With us, you’ll find a partner dedicated to moving goods and fostering connections.