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Vehicle Shipping & Logistics

Auto Vehicle Shipping & Logistics

With over 20 years of experience transporting vehicles overseas, Jacanna has built a rock-solid reputation as Australia’s go-to international car shipping company.

Whether you’re looking to import vehicles into Australia or export them somewhere further afield, we offer a one-stop-shop auto vehicle shipping service with options for RORO (Roll on, Roll off) or Container Shipping. From cars to commercial trucks, special-interest vehicles, or heavy cargo and machinery, we’ve got you covered.

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Door to door international vehicle shipping

Transporting vehicles to and from Australia requires experience and industry knowledge that few companies have quite like Jacanna. With global reach but a personal approach, our team can get your vehicles wherever they need to go without any unnecessary headaches.

If you plan to import from Japan directly to Australia, we offer a special One-Stop-Shop package that deals with the entire auto vehicle shipping process in one go. From transport overseas to delivery from the port of discharge, our network of personally selected nationwide transport agents ensures timely delivery to the customer’s destination, i.e., the Compliance Centre.

But our overall service isn’t restricted to one destination! No matter where your vehicle is coming from or going to, we have the logistical know-how to get it there.

We’ll provide a thorough and transparent quote before shipping so you know how much it will cost and have the assurance that all documentation and care are taken during shipment.

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Our partnership with Japan Forwarding Agency

Direct RORO sailings from several main Japanese ports, fast transit, and constant monitoring of each consignment through to the final destination. Weekly containerised service to all main Australian Ports. We provide a Freight Arrival Notice before the ship arrives to assure you of the vehicle’s arrival date and information.

Jacanna Customs & Freight partners with Japan Forwarding Agency (JFA) to offer a twice-monthly service on Mitsui O.S.K Line (M.O.L). Our service includes Terminal Receiving System Service and Benefits for you, the importer.

Japan to Australia vehicle services:

  • Customs Clearance both in Japan and Australia.
  • Free Vehicle Photo Service (VPS).
  • Free Odometer Inspection.
  • MPI Biosecurity Inspection & Cleaning.
  • Transportation for Metro Areas (for inland areas, please contact us)
  • Marine Insurance full cover from the place of purchase to the first point of rest in Au.

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Keep up-to-date with your vehicle shipment

Finding out where your vehicle is at any one time in the process allows you to manage the collection and processing of documents and payments on time.

The Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) assists JFA’s customers in monitoring their vehicles from delivery into the JFA Terminal Receiving yards to in-process until shipment. The customers can trace all the activities of the vehicles within the yard; the VTS captures the real-time date and time of the work order activities and updates the customer over the website on their portable computers and gadgets.

For vehicle shipping from Japan

For vehicle shipping from the rest of the world

Marine cargo cover in brief

As an Importer of vehicles you know the risks. Jacanna make it easy and have an automatic insurance cover. You get specialist Insurance cover for your imported vehicles at no cost to you.

Your investment is covered.

Jacanna has tailored this insurance product to meet the specific needs of vehicle importers. The cover will protect your vehicles from the following and more:

  • Fire
  • Pilfering
  • Stranding
  • General average
  • Mishandling
  • Theft
  • Earthquake
  • Sinking
  • Collision (whilst driven incidental to loading and unloading).

To lodge a claim, complete a claim form, which can be found in the documents section of the website. Two repair quotes will need to be supplied when submitting your claim. Repairs cannot proceed before the claim has been accepted. Any repairs before the claim is accepted will void the insurance coverage.

Important information:
Marine Insurance cover terminates in the following circumstances (Whichever occurs first):
– 90 days insurance cover for storage (whilst in the ordinary course of transit) whilst at port in the export country.
– 30 days after discharge from the vessel.
– Delivery to the importer’s premises or premises described in the Bill of Lading.
– Delivery to other commercial premises instructed by the insured.
– When the vehicle is driven under its own power – except when incidental to the loading & unloading.

Exclusions – Principle exclusions include:
– Delay causing loss of market
– Pre-existing damage
– Inner cargo
– Damage caused while the vehicle is being driven (unless being driven incidental to loading and unloading).
– Vehicles over AUD100k in value need to be TBA prior to shipping.

Please note:
The above information has been provided for general information purposes only. Please refer to the policy document for full details of the policy terms, conditions, and exclusions.

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Our Global Network Keeping Us Connected

Working with shipping agents all across the world, our global network keeps us connected to seaports and airports everywhere, ensuring a truly international freight forwarding service.

global logistics network

Handy vehicle shipping information

Customs Brokerage

Navigating global shipping regulations can be challenging when transporting vehicles overseas due to differing requirements from country to country. However, you can simplify this process by relying on our dedicated customs and AQIS-accredited brokers. They handle all the administrative procedures, including quarantine and duty adjustments, so you don’t have to. Doing so can minimise compliance risks and expenses associated with shipping cars internationally.

If you have any questions pertaining to Customs Clearance, please refer to the ABF website.  

How to Guide

There are four easy but very important things that you must arrange before your vehicle arrives in Australia. We do the rest!

1. Vehicle Import Approval

Although we don’t handle on-road compliance ourselves, we are happy to help you find reliable compliance centres. It’s recommended that you consult with a compliance centre in advance so you can be informed about the regulations and expenses before shipping.

Before shipping your vehicle, it’s crucial to obtain a Vehicle Import Approval. The easiest and most commonly available permit is the Personal Import Option.

2. Shipping documents

This comes in the form of an ORIGINAL BILL OF LADING (OBL). This document is very important as it is released once you have paid your agent in Japan for the cargo. Without this ORIGINAL BILL OF LADING, Jacanna cannot release your cargo.

There are two ways the ORIGINAL BILL OF LADING can be presented:

  • It can be couriered to you by your Japanese agent. You need to get the ORIGINAL BILL OF LADING to Jacanna (we cannot accept copies).
  • It can be surrendered to our agent in Japan, the Japan Forwarding Agency (JFA). You can request your Japan agent to arrange this.

The second option is preferred because you eliminate the risk of losing the ORIGINAL BILL OF LADING.

3. Payment

Jacanna will send out an invoice to you before the vessel’s arrival covering the GST, Government Transaction Fee, and Freight Charges payable. This needs to be paid before the vessel’s arrival.

4. Delivery Address

Jacanna has a door-to-door service. We will arrange delivery to an address supplied by you. It can be to any address in the metropolitan area. Most people choose to send the car to their preferred compliance centre.

If any of these four steps are overlooked or late, it will hold up the delivery of your cargo, and you will incur additional storage charges.

Inner Cargo in Motor Vehicles

Inner cargo refers to any parts or additional items shipped within a car’s cabin or trunk but is not considered an integral part of the car itself. Examples of inner cargo might include things like a spare set of wheels or an extra exhaust system that comes with the car but is not actually attached to it. It’s worth noting that what is deemed acceptable as inner cargo can vary over time, with different policies being accepted by Australian customs and shipping lines. Therefore, it’s important to stay up-to-date on any changes in regulations.

It is currently acceptable to have inner cargo in a vehicle as long as it is deemed relevant to the car it is in. For instance, it is okay to ship a car with a spare set of wheels that match the car’s make and model. However, including a Skyline body kit in a Delica being shipped is not permitted. It is worth noting that there have been instances in the past where no inner cargo was allowed by customs or shipping lines, so this rule may change in the future. As of now, if a car comes with spare parts, they can be shipped inside the vehicle as a general rule.

Please note: Inner cargo is specifically excluded from the marine policy wording ‘inner cargo’, which is defined as any item being placed in the vehicle for the purpose of storage during transit.

We wish to thank you for your understanding and continued support. If further clarification is needed regarding this issue, please contact us.

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Frequently asked questions

Roll-on/roll-off is generally considered the cheapest and easiest method of international car shipping. In this method, vehicles are “rolled on” to the vessel and transported in open air until they are “rolled off” at their destination. While this is generally the most cost-effective method, various other factors can influence the price. When you’re ready to ship a vehicle internationally, the Jacanna team will work with you to find the best possible method available.

While we have a special talent for shipping vehicles from Japan directly to Australia, we have the logistical know-how and global network required to transport your vehicle to and from anywhere in the world. We are active in all the major markets, such as New Zealand, the USA, Europe, and Asia, but we can also go further afield when necessary. For more information on how global our reach is, talk to the team today.

While international shipping times will vary depending on the distance travelled and method used, Jacanna does have a sailing schedule available so you can see when vessels are leaving and their planned arrival time. You can also track your shipment via our Vehicle Tracking System, so you’re never left in the lurch.

When your vehicle arrives at port, it will need to go through Customs and Quarantine. While we strive to obtain pre-clearance from Customs before arrival, we must wait for the quarantine inspection to determine if your car requires any cleaning.

When your shipment arrives in Australia, it typically takes 5-7 business days to clear customs at the port and get delivered to the compliance centre of your choice.