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Get to Know Our Freight Forwarding Company

In this day and age, we’re more connected to the rest of the world than ever, and Jacanna is taking it a step further as New Zealand’s go-to freight forwarding company.

From the smallest parcel to the biggest cargo, we’ve probably moved it in our 20-plus years of operation. Discover our story as an international freight company and find out where we’re heading next.

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International freight company - Trucks driving on a port next to a container ship

We can Load it, Ship it, Track it, Clear it, and Deliver

Established in 2000 right here in New Zealand, Ken Quigley started Jacanna with the goal of empowering individuals and businesses with a people-led approach to international freight forwarding. Ken’s Kiwi can-do attitude and creative approach to logistical operations saw Jacanna quickly gain a foothold in the industry.

Jacanna provides exceptional logistics and freight forwarding services for all types of commodities. They have a vast network of agents worldwide and offer various options to transport cargo by sea, air, or land. Whether you want to load, ship, track, clear, or deliver your cargo from anywhere in the world, Jacanna can handle it all with our professional expertise and knowledge.

As we continue to expand our operations around the world, we haven’t forgotten what’s got us here. We’re a team that still prides itself on our personal touch and detail-oriented approach. As shipments get bigger and distances travel longer, we remain focused on the little things, offering a personalised service that ensures the best outcome for all your freight forwarding needs.

Jacanna’s journey as an international freight forwarding company reflects a commitment to excellence and a dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its clientele.

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Our People

Our people are the heart and soul of our organisation, and our foundation is built upon a strong family-based culture

Loyalty is central to our values, and we deeply care for each other. We prioritise authenticity and humility in our interactions, striving to be approachable and genuine, regardless of the situation.

In our organisation, it’s not just about business; it’s about building lasting relationships and fostering a sense of unity and care that extends far beyond the workplace.

Our Approach

Capability, Flexibility, Approachability

Here at Jacanna, we use three words to describe our approach as an international freight forwarding company: Capability, Flexibility, and Approachability. 

With an eye for detail and a wealth of experience, we offer our customers the capability to ship just about anything. We provide an end-to-end freight forwarding service that crosses every t and dots every i. 

Our focus on remaining flexible means we can accommodate a wide range of needs, ensuring a tailored solution for your unique logistic challenges. No destination is too distant, and no challenge is too complex for us! 

While cargo is our bread and butter, people are our speciality. We pride ourselves on our approachability, treating every interaction from top to bottom with care and individual attention. 

Together, these three pillars form our approach to freight forwarding and shape how we operate as a whole. 

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Che McCallum

Operations Manager

Mobile: 021 225 9510

Daniel Tidey

CFS Manager

Mobile: 021 343 823

Johnathan Lynds

3PL Supervisor

Mobile: 021 349 532
DDI: 09 825 1878
EXT: 902

Mitchell James

Sales Manager

Mobile: 021 838 349

Michelle Wellesley-Davies

Financial Controller

DDI: 09 8251883
EXT: 907

Neil Lay Yee

General Manager

Mobile: 021 725 402
DDI: 09 825 1872
EXT: 911

Blair Cosford

Chief Executive Officer

Mobile: 021 838 567
DDI: 09 8251884
EXT: 908

Ken Quigley


Mobile: 021 838 494
DDI: 09 825 1880
EXT: 904

Our Brand Promise

To deliver a seamless global logistics experience that is professional and efficient, while remaining easy to navigate. With us, you’ll find a partner dedicated to not only moving goods but also fostering connections.

Our global network keeping Us connected

Working with shipping agents all across the world, our global network keeps us connected to seaports and airports everywhere, ensuring a truly international freight forwarding service.