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Freight Services

Freight Forwarding and Logistics Services

Our freight forwarding services have been helping Kiwis connect cargo to every corner of the globe for over 20 years. During this time, we have developed a worldwide network of agents who know what it takes to service our demanding market and help grow our expanding range of services. Jacanna offers a professional import/export logistics service backed by a wealth of knowledge and a can-do attitude.

If you’re a business that relies on global trade or an individual looking to ship some precious cargo, Jacanna has a range of services to help get your goods wherever they need to go.

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Freight forwarding services - birds eye view of a plane flying over a cargo ship

Sea Freight

The key to our import and export sea freight service is choice.

If time is not of the essence but cost-effectiveness is, our sea freight service is the solution for you. We have a range of shipping container options, such as standard 20’ or 40’ containers, open tops, flat racks, and container alternatives such as out-of-gauge, breakbulk, and roll-on/roll-off shipping. If it can fit in a container (and sometimes even if it can’t!), we can ship it.

We take a hands-on approach to sea freight and closely monitor every shipment from the beginning to the end, ensuring that you are always up to date with real-time updates on the progress of your consignment.

Logistics services - Cargo ship carrying shipping containers
Freight forwarding services - Front view of a plane on a runway

Air Freight

The key to our import and export air freight service is our constant monitoring of each consignment through to final destination.

If time is of the essence, and you need to deliver something in a hurry, we’ve got you covered with our air freight service that spans the globe. Our extensive global network, airline partnerships, specialised airfreight handling, and years of experience enable us to offer a diverse range of airfreight options that meet the unique needs of our customers.

From big to small, we can handle all your cargo. Our complete network of worldwide agents will ensure pre-clearance and speedy delivery so your cargo arrives on time, every time, like clockwork.

Logistics services - Large farming machine in a field

Project Cargo

Commercial, Machinery, & Boats – we can freight it all.

If your cargo is too large or heavy for traditional shipping methods, our project freight forwarding service can help get it wherever it needs to go. Our project cargo service specialises in those items that you may think are too tricky to ship. 

But luckily for you, Jacanna doesn’t do “normal” or “difficult”; we do “unique” and “exciting”. We have the experience needed to navigate the logistical challenges of project cargo.

Customs Brokerage

Experienced customs brokers.

When importing or exporting from New Zealand, there are plenty of legal hoops to jump through, which can be a time-consuming process. That’s where our in-house customs brokers can help.

Our customs consultants are dedicated to making the process simple and easy for you. We take care of all the administrative procedures involved in customs brokerage so that you can have a smooth trip for your cargo from start to finish. Trust Jacanna to handle your customs clearance needs.

Freight forwarding services - Two works standing in front of shipping containers

Vehicle Shipping & Logistics Service

Door-to-door international shipping.

When Jacanna was first starting, vehicle shipping was our bread and butter, and we haven’t forgotten those roots.

We offer both RORO (Roll on, Roll off) and Container Shipping for international transport. From classic cars to commercial trucks or heavy machinery, if it rolls, we can handle it.

Our global network keeping Us connected

Working with shipping agents all across the world, our global network keeps us connected to seaports and airports everywhere, ensuring a truly international freight forwarding service.

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Frequently asked questions

W/m is a minimum rate (weight/measurement). With the use of the formula for calculating sea freight, the higher value (quantity of tons or cubic metres) is selected and multiplied by the specified freight rate. If the calculated freight is lower than the minimum rate, the minimum rate is to be adopted (weight/ measurement).

Generally, yes, and it’s worth investigating as it can reduce costs and avoid double charges for shipments from the same origins.

Every Origin will have different export clearance regulations that may limit your ability to consolidate sometimes; however, in many cases, this is achievable.

Please get in touch with Jacanna to see how our freight forwarding services can reduce your costs going forward.

3PL stands for Third-Party Logistics. It refers to a business arrangement where companies outsource their logistics and supply chain management functions to third-party providers. These third-party logistics providers offer a range of services, including transportation, warehousing, distribution, order fulfilment, and other logistics-related activities.

Companies often choose to work with 3PL providers to leverage their expertise, infrastructure, and technology, allowing the businesses to focus on their core competencies. 3PL providers can help optimise supply chain operations, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.

Some common services offered by 3PL providers include:

  1. Transportation Services: Managing the movement of goods via various modes of transportation, such as trucking, air freight, rail, and ocean freight.
  2. Warehousing and Distribution: Providing storage facilities, order picking, packing, and distribution services.
  3. Inventory Management: Monitoring and controlling inventory levels to ensure optimal stock levels and prevent stockouts or overstocks.
  4. Order Fulfillment: Processing and fulfilling customer orders, including packing and shipping.
  5. Supply Chain Consulting: Offering expertise and advice on improving supply chain processes and efficiency.

By outsourcing these functions to 3PL providers, companies can often benefit from cost savings, improved flexibility, and access to advanced logistics technologies.

Yes, when importing goods into New Zealand, you may be required to pay Goods and Services Tax (GST). GST is a consumption tax, and in New Zealand, it is currently set at 15%. The GST is generally applied to the customs value of the goods, which includes the cost of the goods, shipping, and insurance.

In addition to GST, you might also be subject to other duties and taxes, such as Customs duties and/or Excise duties, depending on the nature of the goods you are importing. It’s crucial to consider that specific rules and exemptions may apply, and the New Zealand Customs Service can provide the most accurate and up-to-date information.