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General Freight Transport & Logistics Service

General Freight Transport and Logistics

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Full Container Load Shipping

If you’re looking to ship your goods abroad, it’s crucial to find a reliable and cost-effective solution that allows you to manage your supply chain expenses. Our Full Container Load (FCL) service is perfect for shipping bulk general freight overseas, ensuring that your cargo is transported safely and at an affordable price. 

When choosing FCL for shipping your goods, a container will be exclusively reserved for your shipment. FCL shipping ensures that your cargo is not mixed with any other shipment, and you have complete authority over the entire process. However, it’s important to note that you’ll be responsible for the entire cost of the shipment. 

Why use FCL Shipping for General Freight?

Using Full Container Load (FCL) shipping offers plenty of benefits, making it a great choice in a number of scenarios: 

  • Shipping large volumes can be cost-effective with FCL due to flat rates per container.  
  • FCL reduces the risk of damage to goods by keeping them undisturbed in a single container, which helps to maintain their integrity. 
  • FCL can streamline logistics by requiring less handling and allowing for the consolidation of multiple smaller shipments.  

If you have a large volume of general freight or need to consolidate multiple smaller consignments, FCL can be an ideal shipping solution. It offers cost efficiencies, reduces risk, and provides logistical advantages. 

  • LCL shipping offers flexibility and allows you to react to changing demands. 
  • You can ship small boxes and pallets as per your needs instead of waiting to fill up an entire container. 
  • You only pay for the space your cargo occupies in the container, which is cost-effective. 
  • Sharing space with others helps in reducing costs and makes it cheaper than air freight. 
  • LCL shipping allows you to ship fewer goods more frequently, thereby spending less money on inventorying and warehousing space. 

Our global network keeping Us connected

Working with shipping agents all across the world, our global network keeps us connected to seaports and airports everywhere, ensuring a truly international freight forwarding service.

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Frequently asked questions

As a golden rule, any freight that doesn’t require any sort of special handling or shipping method can be considered general freight. Jacanna offers comprehensive quotes to determine the type of cargo you’re shipping. 

If you’re not sure if our general freight service is right for you, we can guide you through our air, sea, and vehicle freight options.  

In most cases, customs clearance is completed within 24 hours. However, there may be instances where the inspection of goods takes several days or even weeks. To minimise the risk of a hold-up, we recommend contacting us about our customs broker services to ensure a smooth delivery of your cargo from start to finish. 

Like our air, vehicle, and sea freight services, we can transport general freight just about anywhere in the world, thanks to our global network of agents. Whether importing goods back into New Zealand or exporting them to Asia, we can help you get your cargo where it needs to go.