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Our NZ Olympic Partnership – Powering Global Performance

At Jacanna, we take immense pride in our partnership with the New Zealand Olympic team. This collaboration is not just a testament to our established expertise in global logisticsbut an inspiration for what we can do here in Australia. As Jacanna successfully manoeuvres the global stage, supporting New Zealand’s elite athletes, we in Australia draw valuable insights and inspiration to elevate our services and potential partnerships.

Learning from New Zealand’s Olympic Journey

Jacanna’s journey with the Olympic Team, from the Tokyo and Beijing Games to the Birmingham Commonwealth Games, serves as a blueprint for excellence. Our role went beyond mere freight and logistics; it was about being a cornerstone in the athletes’ quest for glory. From spa pools to kitchen sinks, we delivered it all, even the most unexpected items, to keep the athletes comfortable and primed to perform at their peak.

This approach to logistics is something we strive to replicate in the Australian market. Sure, we’re all about moving goods where they need to go, but beyond that, we support the people behind those packages.

How We Handled the Pandemic’s Curveball

We didn’t back down when the COVID-19 curveball hit during the Tokyo Olympics. The resilience shown by Jacanna during this period was a narrative of overcoming adversity. We went through all the crazy restrictions and red tape to ensure that every need of the Kiwi athletes was met, from nutritional needs to essential gear. This remarkable feat not only underscores our expertise but also sets the standard for our AU operation in managing complex logistical scenarios, potentially even in supporting Australian athletes in future events.

A Blueprint for Logistics Success

One of the biggest challenges we faced through our NZ Olympic partnership was navigating the maze of international regulations and red tape, especially when transporting food and specialised equipment. But with plenty of experience in our back pockets, we devised clever workarounds to ensure the team’s freight got where it needed to go.

We handled everything from high-tech athletic gear to basic snacks and beverages, making sure not a single item got left behind. Paying attention to the smallest details is crucial when supporting world-class athletes. And we will bring this attention to detail to the Australian market. Whether coordinating air freight or sea freight shipments, we are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our service.