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Reminder: All vehicles in stock that attract CO2 penalty need to be complied prior to 1st Jan 2023

Have your penalty attracting vehicles complied before 1 January 2023!

If you haven’t already done so, Please remember to register for your CO2 ACCOUNT now and before end of November 2022.  You will need to have it as of December 1 2022.

Here is a link to Waka Kotahi to guide you through the process.

Below is the latest information and reminder from VIA of some crucial dates of when the CO2 penalties will take effect.

VIA reminds members to have all vehicles you have in stock that will incur a CO2 penalty on 1 January complied and MR2A issued before 1 January.

Vehicles emitting over the CO2 threshold will attract a penalty that must be either paid or offset by vehicles attracting credits.

The Minister recently announced a deferment of payment (not the obligation to pay), this means the penalties will start to accrue on January 1 but, these penalties will not be billed until 1 June. On 1 June all accrued penalties will be billed and you will be liable to pay at that stage.

The CCS also means that importers who have vehicles in stock that are waiting for them to reach 20 years to qualify for registration under the respective Rules for Emissions, Frontal Impact, Steering (LHD) and Brakes (ESC) will get a double whammy as these vehicles will be subject to paying the fee under the discount scheme and the CCS COfee