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Jacanna – Helping Pave the Path to the Paris Olympics

As we gear up for the excitement of the Paris 2024 Olympics, our team is thrilled to share an inside look at our pivotal role in preparing the New Zealand Olympic Team for this monumental event.

From our Auckland-based warehousing and distribution centre, we are working closely with Harley Wall, the Team Operations Manager at NZOC, to help ensure that our athletes have everything they need to succeed on the global stage. From shipping slushy machines to canoes, discover how Jacanna is working with NZOC on its path to Paris in 2024.

Putting the Logistical Puzzle Pieces Together

When it comes to the Olympics, logistics are key. It’s not just about shipping a gear from A to B. It’s about meticulous planning, careful handling, and precise timing. The logistical challenge on the path to Paris is substantial. Our role begins long before the athletes step onto the plane. We are involved in the detailed planning and execution required to transport an extensive list of equipment to Paris.

Everything the team needs to operate, from office essentials like computers and furniture to sport-specific gear, including weights and bikes, must be meticulously packed into just two shipping containers. These containers will make their way to Paris in over a week, a journey that marks just the beginning of their Olympic adventure. As Wall puts it, “It’s a puzzle, a big game of Tetris,” and a game on Jacanna is looking to set a high score as we set our logistical prowess to the task.

Bringing a Taste of Home to Paris

At Jacanna, we recognise that performance is fuelled not just by training and willpower but also by comfort and a sense of normalcy. This belief is why one of our unique tasks on the path to Paris is handling the transport of 1,500 snack bags. These are no ordinary snacks; each bag is carefully prepared to restore energy and provide the comforts of home, featuring Kiwi favourites like peanut butter and Weet-Bix, along with a few sweet treats like jet planes, dinosaurs, and chocolate.

It’s not just Kiwi classics that provide comfort while our athletes compete. We’re also sending household items like rugs, chairs, and other creature comforts to help make the Kiwi base in Paris feel a little more like home. It’s about bringing a slice of New Zealand to Paris, ensuring our athletes have familiar tastes and furnishings to comfort them as they compete far from home.

Beyond Freight Forwarding

Our role with the New Zealand Olympic Team exemplifies how modern logistics is about more than transport; it’s about being a part of the team’s success. Our involvement is crafted to ensure reliability, precision, and perfect timing, mirroring the qualities needed by our athletes in their competitions. We are not just moving items; we are transporting dreams, ambitions, and a touch of home.

As the Paris Olympics approach, our partnership with the New Zealand Olympic Team is a proud reminder of the impact thoughtful logistics can have on athletic performance. At Jacanna, we are honoured to support our athletes, ensuring they can perform their best with everything they need from home right there with them. You can check out the full video on the role we are playing on the path to Paris here or explore our freight forwarding services.